VILLAGEHOOD AUSTRALIA is the very first South Australian one stop centre for mothers, a real village where mothers are at the centre of everything we do and offer.

A Village focused on the needs of mothers


It offers three avenues for engaging. Our Village activities take place at the Fulham Community Centre and the activities are a ‘reason’ to come so the magic of human connection can occur naturally.

  • Me Time for mothers, in other words time for themselves at the Fulham community centre where their young children are taken care of by professionals in a creche setting on-site to give them peace of mind and the opportunity to mentally recharge by either attending group classes (Meditation, Cooking class, Art class, Groove dance, Pilates or Yoga), working in our co working space or simply slowing down and doing the things they enjoy in our Me Time Zone (e.g reading).

  • Advice from Experts, including Mothers we offer a series of Podcast episodes with well recognised organisations such as Autism SA, WSSSA or PANDA to provide our village with tools to support each other. We also offer a range of masterclasses with our partners (Uniting SA and Autism SA) and monthly FREE drop ins with health professionals and family experts (sleep consultant, doula, lactation expert etc.)

  • Meaningful Connections. The village is a safe and caring place where mothers can just ‘hang out’ with each other and connect meaningfully. Ask yourself: when was the last time you sat down for one uninterrupted hour and have a cuppa with a stranger with no other purpose than getting to know this person? To help with human connections we organise three major events a year: Mother’s Day (May), NAIDOC week (July) and End of Year Family Fun Day (Dec). We also recognise some key dates in the year with smaller events for children or “kids parties” (Halloween, Easter Egg Hunt, Book week etc.)

A Village of the heart

Not only are we a Not For Profit but we believe that through the power of giving we can spread kindness. We have recently developed a GIFT IT FORWARD FUND to help make Me Time available to all mothers especially to those who – due to Covid-19 or for other reasons – can’t afford Me Time.

All events and activities are there to help raise funds so we can gift some me time forward.

Learn more about our Gift It Forward Fund or donate here

A Village with a social impact


Through our movement SA Women Who Mum, we aim to transform our system and make a positive change to the lives of mothers, their families and communities. Learn more about SA Women Who Mum.

A Village culturally inclusive and accessible 

Being Moroccan, French, Australian and a mother of Aboriginal children myself, I feel I have a vital responsibility and opportunity to contribute to the process of Reconciliation, Social Inclusion and embracing Diversity that will make our society strong for everyone. Through our strategic partnerships with Uniting SA and Autism SA, we aim to lead by example and impact the way businesses and communities approach Social Inclusion & Diversity.