Closure Dates: Wednesday 1st of Dec 2021 to Tuesday 1st of Feb 2022

Bookings for the PLAYHOOD CRECHE are essential as there are a limited number of spots available per day. Your membership/trial/pass allows you to book for one child in the Playhood Creche. We allow our members to occasionally book additional spots in the creche for an extra cost of $5 per additional spot per day. Please connect with Villagehood Australia to discuss this option. Please ensure you book well in advance to avoid any disappointment as the number of spots are limited.

For more information, please refer to the Villagehood Australia Terms & Conditions.

To make a cancellation please email Villagehood Australia.


The Playhood Creche & Mums Activities will resume in 2022. Exact dates and Programs to be confirmed in the coming weeks. Please ensure you have joined our mailing list to stay updated. You can also follow us on Social Media (Facebook & Instagram icons in the menu bar)