Villagehood Australia operates during the SA School Terms (i.e 40 weeks per calendar year).

However, for simplicity, the proposed membership options are calculated as per the calendar year (52 weeks), showing a “smaller” weekly fee.

Membership Options (inclusions detailed in the table below)

  • Sunflower: creche only

  • Rose: creche + group classes

  • Lilac: creche + group classes + hot desk


Membership Terms*

  • 12M: 12 months membership with weekly payment over a period of 52 weeks

  • 6M: 6 months membership with weekly payment over a period of 26 weeks

*All memberships will continue past the contract term until you advise us that you wish to cancel. 


Casual Options

  • Weekly Pass (unlimited access for one week)

  • Daily Pass (unlimited access for one day)

  • One-Week Trial for new visitors (unlimited access for one week, single purchase only)

Our Playhood creche services are included in all options. 

Please refer to our Terms & Conditions for further information.

For more information about our activities & services, visit our Bookings page

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