Villagehood Australia is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to support the woman in every mother and committed to transforming the experience of motherhood by contributing to changing broader society’s mindset around motherhood and to creating a better reality for all mothers, their families and communities.

We believe that creating a safe space for mothers to meaningfully connect and make friendships is paramount to protecting their mental health as it provides them with a support network and help them build the capacity to better cope with the everyday challenges of motherhood - beating loneliness & isolation.

We also believe in advocacy and the power of numbers. Connected and organised mums have the power to change things and positively impact the world we live in and create a better reality for themselves, their families and their communities (ripple effect). Through our movement SA Women Who Mum we aim to increase our reach and impact.

To achieve our vision of transforming motherhood, we are working on two main goals simultaneously

  • Transforming the mums

  • Transforming the system

With this approach, we can start witnessing a cultural shift and the creation of a better world for all mothers, their families and communities.

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