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SA Women Who Mum is a large group of likeminded mothers dedicated to transforming motherhood (400+ mothers).

Whilst SA Women Who Mum has played and continue to play a significant role in informing Villagehood Australia about the needs of SA mums, it also a movement that offers an incredible opportunity to speak out and articulate the changes you want to see.

As an advocate for mothers myself, I believe that as a woman and leader to our children, the change starts with us. We have the power to transform ourself into the woman we wish to become.

And together, united and organised, we have the power to make a positive change, impact the world we live in and ultimately create a better reality for ourselves, our families and our communities.

A SA Woman Who Mums:

  • Loves her family and herself unconditionally

  • Knows self-care is health care

  • Nips ‘mum guilt’ in the bud

  • No longer accepts what is not acceptable

  • Sets healthy boundaries around her

  • Holds space for other mums

  • Has a voice and knows when to use it

  • Feels empowered to share her story

  • Wants to be the change to see the change

  • Is an authentic leader to her children

  • Has a positive impact on her family and her community

  • Is the FUTURE of motherhood

If you are a SA Woman Who Mums, join us here on Facebook, familiarise yourself with the

group and when you feel ready, share with us your thoughts and ideas.

You are important and your voice matters.