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The Playhood Creche is a safe, creative and fun environment available to all children of Villagehood Australia from 7 months old to 5 years old.

Our experienced carers take great pride in providing care you can trust for the children. During their time in the Playgood Creche, your children will be encouraged to participate in different activities specifically tailored for them. Through mindfulness, play, dancing and singing, we aim to help the children connect meaningfully with each other and enjoy their time together.

Located in the Fulham Community Centre, the Playhood Creche is only a few metres away, giving you peace of mind and the mental space to recharge.

The Playhood Creche accepts 20 children per session so bookings are essential. For your convenience, we offer three membership, trial and day pass options.  Please ensure you have read our Terms & Conditions and complete the Enrolment Form before the first visit at the Playhood Creche.