At Villagehood Australia, we believe in creating opportunities to meaningfully connect with likeminded mothers and members of the community.

That is why we have developed a range of initiatives for that beautiful connection to happen naturally in the most caring and respectful way.

The Mothers Circle

Being a new mother or having a new baby can be very hard and challenging. We know it and we want to help. So we have decided to develop a series of initiatives where new and experienced mothers can connect and be there for each other. Because sometimes it is just about having access to mothers who understand where you are at because they were there before you, mothers who can tell you that it is actually "just a phase" because it was "just a phase" for them not so long ago, mothers who will "hang in there" with you because sometimes all you need is someone to hold your hand gently and quietly.

The Mothers in Business Directory

We know first hand how difficult it can be to go back to the workforce. Not only that the hours don't work but also the stress of fitting it all in can make it all seem too hard.

At Villagehood Australia, we want to celebrate and support the mothers who have decided to launch their own business or chosen to work for a mother-operated business. That is why we have developed a directory of businesses from mothers to mothers.

The role of this directory is to give all mothers from the Village access to this amazing pool of talents that exists in Adelaide and give more exposure to the mothers who are working hard to keep their business running. Keep going Mamas!

The Villagehood Impact Group

At Villagehood Australia, we believe that challenges are opportunities to create a better reality for ourselves and the people around us too.

The purpose of the Vimpact Group is to tackle projects that are dear to us with the aim of changing the mindset around motherhood and triggering a cultural shift.

With the optic of creating a safer world for ourselves, our families and our community, our first project will be to better secure the Henley Beach Square by protecting our children from the possibility of running into the main road.


Join the Vimpact Group today, propose projects and receive our updates. Together we are a force!

The private Facebook group hellomyvillagehood was created 6 months before the launch of Villagehood Australia to help shape what the Village is today. 

The group is very important to us and we are very grateful for the support and the ongoing feedback we have received from you.

We find the group an easy way to communicate directly with you and to inform you first on our upcoming events, our latest news and initiatives.

The Chat Group

The Village Events

At Villagehood Australia, we love to support and celebrate both our mothers and the members of our community.

Together with the Fulham Community Centre, we are developing a series of initiatives and events to help bridge the gap between the senior population and the younger one through our mothers with the aim to have a positive impact on our community.

Join us for our Pamper Yourself Mother's Day event on Saturday 8th of May 9am-1pm.



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