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A safe place for you to relax, connect and feel empowered as a woman on your journey through motherhood.

Villagehood Australia is a Registered Charity and Incorporated Association that brings Adelaide mums together though activities, parenting programs & support with the aim

to improve their health & wellbeing.

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  • Programs to help improve your mental wellbeing and build a secure relationship with your child(ren) 

  • Bubs Friendly Pilates for mums in Adelaide with a soft play area for babies & toddlers

  • Mindful Singing Group to connect and sing along together

  • Casual coffee catch ups to help you connect with other Mums in Adelaide and build your village.
    A break to allow yourself some guilt-free "me time" 

Check our Mums Programs now.

Give yourself permission to "just be" for a moment

  • Let their imagination run wild as your little one enjoys toddler sensory activities, dancing, singing or creates a masterpiece in one of our activities for toddlers in Adelaide. A play-based approach to discovering the world around them.

  • The Playhood Creche is a toddler and pre schooler play based group in Adelaide offered as a part of Villagehood Australia where your child is nurtured whilst you learn new tools to help you navigate more positively through the journey of motherhood.


  • Take a break for some "me time" to connect with other mums or bond with your baby during our Bubs Friendly Pilates or Mindful Singing Group right here in Adelaide. 

  • Select your Mums activities and book your FREE TRIAL online now. It's time to get out of the house, find a moment to yourself and connect with other likeminded women journeying through motherhood with Villagehood Australia. 

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