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Our Mums Programs

At Villagehood Australia, we welcome every mother (and woman) into our village, holding space for her to maintain her sense of self, wellbeing and independence, as she navigates the trials and triumphs of motherhood. 


Our programs are free and available to all mothers and their children, regardless of their life circumstances or social factors because we know that postnatal depression does not discriminate.  

We offer a combination of programs designed to enhance the wellbeing of mothers and positively influence early childhood development.


We provide toys and age-appropriate equipment to cater to the needs of the children and support their development. In addition, we offer an open playroom specifically designed for more active toddlers and preschoolers (at the Fulham Community Centre).

The suggested age group is provided for your information, but we encourage mothers to join us no matter the age of the child if they feel the need for support or connection.


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Programs based on the needs of mothers

Based on lived experiences, conversations with mothers, and review of the research, we have recognised four motherhood stages in the early years (0-5 years). We provide four programs to meet the needs identified in each stage.
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Circle of Security.png

Pregnancy & New Baby Fog

This stage is dedicated to expecting and new mothers who desire to feel prepared and supported as they embark on their journey into motherhood. We understand that the transition into motherhood can be overwhelming. The Mummy Steps program is designed to provide the necessary guidance and support that new mothers need. 

Suggested age group: Third Trimester up to 3-4 months 



Survival Mode

This stage is dedicated to mothers who are looking for guidance and support to best protect the health and wellbeing of their babies. The Baby Steps programs offer practical advice and resources to help mothers navigate this stage with confidence. We provide access to a team of baby experts who can answer questions and provide guidance on a range of topics related to baby health and development.

Suggested age group: 0-15 months



Emotional Roller Coaster

This stage is dedicated to mothers who are navigating the ups and downs of parenting and are keen to learn how to manage their children's big emotions while also maintaining their own wellbeing and confidence. We understand that it can be challenging for mothers, as they navigate their own emotions, to support their children's emotional development. The Circle of Security Parenting Program offer practical tools to better understand the needs behind the behaviours. 

Suggested age group: 4 months - 5 years



Singing Hearts.png

Balancing Act

This stage is dedicated to mothers who are striving to find balance between their mothering duties and their personal goals and aspirations. In this stage, mothers are often overwhelmed by the day-to-day responsibilities of motherhood and struggle to find moments of joy and fulfillment in their lives. The Singing Hearts and Move & Connect programs offer mothers the opportunity to find calm, to be present and to create joy with their children. 

Suggested age group: 0-5 years




Evidence-based and peer programs

Our 6-8 week programs are based on scientific evidence and include peer support and group activities that enable our community to connect, engage, and participate.

  • During the first part of each weekly session, we bring the women together to connect and share their stories, challenges, and feelings with the group. Meanwhile, our volunteers provide free play activities for the children to enjoy.

  • In the second part of the session, the women and children participate in an activity together while learning tools to help them feel stronger and more confident.

  • We include children in our programs because we recognise the significance of building a strong bond between mothers and their children. We believe that spending quality time together without the added pressure of mothering duties is essential. Research has shown that a secure and loving relationship between a mother and her child promotes the development of connections, a sense of identity, and the ability to manage emotions effectively. 


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