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At Villagehood Australia, we welcome every mother (and woman) into our village, holding space for her to maintain her sense of self, wellbeing and independence, as she navigates the trials and triumphs of motherhood. 


We provide all mothers with a strong support network - beating loneliness and isolation and building their capacity to better cope with the everyday challenges of motherhood. 


We offer a combination of initiatives for our community that are selected to improve the mental wellbeing of mothers. Whether it is through exercising, singing together, learning new parenting tools or simply having an adult chat and being able to create meaningful connections, our programs offer a number of benefits to enhance maternal health & wellbeing.


  • Our Mummy Chats in the West & North East (RSVP here)

  • Our Mummy Steps Perinatal program (RSVP here)

  • Our Baby Steps Mums & Bubs program (RSVP here)

  • Our Circle of Security® Parenting program (RSVP here)

  • Our Singing Hearts Mindful Music program (RSVP here)

Please note our Playhood Creche is only available for mothers attending our Circle of Security® Parenting™ program (spaces limited).

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