At Villagehood Australia, we welcome every mother (and woman) into our village, holding space for her to maintain her sense of self, wellbeing and independence, as she navigates the trials and triumphs of motherhood. 


We provide all mothers with a strong support network - beating loneliness and isolation and building their capacity to better cope with the everyday challenges of motherhood. 


We offer a combination of initiatives for our community to CONNECT > GROW > RISE

CONNECT with your village of support through our

  • Mummy Time activities (Bubs Friendly Pilates & Art classes, Co-Working Space and Women's Choir

  • Mummy Steps program (registration closed for Term 2 - new dates in coming soon)

  • Mummy Power Hour initiative (launching Term 3)

GROW with our Mummy Beyond program (2023)

RISE with our Social Impact projects​ (2023)

You can book a Free Trial today and enjoy some well deserved Mummy Time.

  1. Choose from the proposed Mummy Time activities (Creche, Pilates, Art, Co Working and Choir)

  2. Select a session from the schedule (limited spaces especially in the creche)

  3. Use the following coupon code at checkout

  • FreePilates2022

  • FreeArt2022

  • FreeDesk2022

  • FreeWChoir2022

  • FreeCreche2022

Please note our Playhood Creche is available for children 24 months+ (spaces limited).

We will organise a soft play area for mums with children under 24 months