• Are you feeling overwhelmed, isolated, and lonely?

  • Second guessing every decision about your baby?

  • Wishing you were more prepared for motherhood?

​What if you could build your village of support and learn how to mummy with confidence,

one "mummy step" at a time?

Discover Mummy Steps

a program designed for you

with you in mind by mothers like you

Whether you are expecting or have just had your first or fourth baby, every pregnancy is different, every birth is different, every postpartum experience is different.


Being a mother with a new baby often means that you feel overwhelmed, isolated and lonely. That you second guess every decision you make about your baby and that you wish you had a village of support to guide you through the "foggy stage" of motherhood and beyond.

Does this feel like you?

Our Mummy steps program is much more than a mums group. 


You will be guided by experienced mothers & perinatal professionals to find connection, reduce anxiety and be supported with wholesome information that will improve your motherhood journey. 


Over 5-8 weeks, and with the help of your village of professional support and mothers like you, you will learn how to walk confidently into motherhood one "mummy step" at a time.


Topics covered include:

  • Birth Education & Mindful Mothering Brooke Hilton (Doula)

  • Midwifery Support with Ros McDonough  (Midwife)

  • Postpartum Care Planning with Emma Glenn (Postpartum Care Specialist)

  • Movement & Nutrition with Jade LeRay (PT & Nutritionist)

  • Postpartum Emotions with Haidee Baker (Psychologist)


Program Inclusions:

  • 450 min with Motherhood Experts

  • Yummy Welcoming Tea

  • Mummy Steps Program Book

  • Mummy Steps Self Care Bag


Program Details:

Antenatal workshops to start in Term 4, 2022 

Postnatal workshops to start in Term 1, 2023

Meet The
Mummy Steps Experts
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Dinah Thomasset

@villagehoodaustralia, Founder, Mummy Steps host and proud advocate for mothers

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Passionate childbirth educator, doula and Reiki practitioner with a nurturing & calming approach to supporting mothers

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Ros McDonough

Highly skilled and experienced midwife specialised in postpartum recovery

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Infant sleep specialist, postpartum doula, breastfeeding councillor and massage therapist, offering a breadth of knowledge to reassure and support mothers

Screen Shot 2022-04-09 at 9.38.18 pm.png


Health & Nutrition coach, pre & postnatal trainer, women’s hormones coach helping mothers reconnect with self, understand and love their body

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Perinatal Psychologist providing counselling in the antenatal and postnatal period using therapeutic techniques and approaches to supporting mothers