Do you sometimes feel lonely, isolated and a little anxious?

What if you could meet some new mums whilst looking after your own health & wellbeing and bond with your child?

Discover Singing Hearts, a mindful singing group for mothers and children that focuses on your wellbeing and not so much on your singing! 

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We know from research, that singing in harmony is a wonderful way to improve your mental health & wellbeing, increase your self-esteem, your confidence and help you bond with others.

It has also been clinically proven that group singing can reduce symptoms of postnatal depression faster than the usual forms of treatment (British Journal of Psychiatry 2018).


More specifically, group singing can help you

  • be aware and connected with self, each other and your child

  • improve muscle tension & overall wellbeing through better breathing and posture

  • release stress by reducing the stress hormone levels

  • improve a sense of belonging and social wellbeing

  • stimulate your brain by learning new songs


Singing Hearts uses breathing and mindfulness techniques to help you find calm and centre yourself to the present moment.

The songs selected for this group are powerful and uplifting and will help you connect to your heart and to the feeling of togetherness. The words, melodies and harmonies held in these songs will support and follow you through your day. 


So wether you are looking to include mindfulness into your weekly routine or would like to meet some new mums whilst doing something good for you and your child(ren), come sing with us.


Our singing group is open to any woman and mother with her child(ren) and does not require an audition.

We are about to launch Singing Hearts in the western suburbs. If this a program you are interested in, please fill out our EOI form so we can register your interest.

Program Details:

Duration: 60 min per week | 8 weeks min

Start Date: TBC

Location: TBC

No creche available 

Program valued at $200 per participant