Villagehood Australia is a NOT-FOR-PROFIT organisation and we believe that through the power of giving we can spread kindness.

We count on the support and generosity of the Village and the community to help us make Me Time available to all mothers and develop initiatives that will, in return, help our mothers and families. 

We call this model "the virtuous circle of kindness".

GIFT IT FORWARD Fundraising Campaign

By making a donation today - big or small - you can help a mother 'in need' enjoy some Me Time too. The money raised will be converted into 'Gift It Forward' sessions, then offered to mothers in need of Me Time through Villagehood Australia and other organisations that support mothers (e.g Women's Safety Services SA and Uniting SA).

You can choose to gift your products or services to help us raise money for the village during our fundraising campaigns & events (vouchers accepted).

You can choose to donate your time and volunteer in the Playhood Creche or with the organisation of the different initiatives offered at the centre.  You are welcome to register as a volunteer through the 

Fulham Community Centre.

We welcome all types of collaboration & partnership: new services for the Village, in-kind activities during our Village events to show your support and promote your business, sponsorship and affiliation opportunities across all initiatives, podcast etc.

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