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Much more than a mums group, Villagehood Australia is
a real village of support for mums in Adelaide
Everyday motherhood* is complex and for much of the time seems more challenging than expected. 

Second guessing every decision from the moment your baby is born, feeling guilty about everything, experiencing a strong loss of identity as a woman, having no time for basic self-care and always feeling lonely even when surrounded by your loved ones or feeling burnt out just thinking about the laundry (!).


Does this sound familiar to you? Well you are not alone! Although motherhood can bring joy, it can also be very hard, and it seems that everyone just accepts that this is the way that it has to be.

*"everyday motherhood" refers to motherhood without a diagnosis of postnatal depression or anxiety

What if motherhood didn’t have to be that hard? 


What if there was a group of mothers like YOU, who have young children and who understand what you are experiencing and have been rethinking the way we approach motherhood and found another way?


What if they have created a village for genuine mothers like you where your needs as both a woman and mother are fulfilled, where you can safely be you and mentally recharge so you can tackle the challenges of everyday motherhood with more ease and ultimately feel more relaxed, more YOU.


What if with YOU this village of likeminded mothers dedicated to support the woman in every mother will transform motherhood so every mother like you can choose another way, a better way that works for YOU. 


What if this village was just around the corner? Would you pop in to learn more?

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