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Much more than a 'mums group', Villagehood Australia is a real village of peer and professional support for mothers and children

Villagehood Australia is a registered charity dedicated to empowering the community to help support the health & wellbeing of mothers, who are 95% of the time, the primary carers of children in the early years.

Over the past three years, we have built a strong support network that assists mothers to beat loneliness and isolation and build their capacity to better cope with the everyday challenges and invisible struggles of motherhood. 


As a peer support organisation, we offer a safe place for mothers to come to and an alternative way to support their mental health. To participate women do not need of a doctor referral, there is no wait time and there is no stigma attached (women trust us because we get it and we don’t judge).


More specifically we offer a combination of programs that help improve the wellbeing of mothers and positively influence the children’s development. Our evidence-based programs combine peer support and a group activity (moving, singing, creating, learning) to enable community connection, growth and alleviate the stigma around mental health to seek help early. The research shows that these programs can positively impact the health & wellbeing of mothers and children.


The Birth of Villagehood Australia

Villagehood Australia was created in March 2020, based on our Founder's own lived experience and in response of the Maternal Mental Health Gap in Australia.

Following postnatal depression and a massive breakdown, our founder, Dinah Thomasset, had a breakthrough and discovered her purpose in life. When both her children were very little,  she decided to create a village for mothers where they could find everything on her wish list, and more.


She wanted experienced mothers who could offer support and guidance to new mothers, experts who could help them learn how to 'mummy' with more confidence, and friends who could simply hold their babies so they could take a moment to breathe. 


She wanted to create a space where mothers could connect with their babies on a deeper level and truly enjoy those early stages, while also meeting likeminded mothers and doing something fun with them beyond talking about baby stuff. And above all, she wanted mothers to feel seen and heard as both women and mothers. 


By embracing her passion and establishing this village, Dinah has transformed not only the lives of many mothers but also her own.

But she knew that to really make a lasting impact, she would have to break the silence and stigma around maternal mental health.


Since the launch of Villagehood Australia, Dinah has dedicated herself to raising awareness and empowering the community to do more. Every day, Dinah tirelessly advocates and spreads the word, proving that when you pursue your purpose, you can make a difference in the world, one mother at a time. 

Our Vision

Transforming the way we see and experience motherhood

Our Board of Directors and Advisers

Villagehood Australia is privileged to have a team of highly experienced and accomplished professionals from various industries who provide invaluable guidance and insights to help us achieve our goals.

MMH awareness

Breaking the Silence

Despite increasing recognition of the importance of addressing maternal mental health disorders, many pregnant and postpartum women do not receive the care they need, falling between the gap of maternity and mental health services. 

Of approximately 300,000 women giving birth every year in Australia, 60,000 (1 in 5) will experience postnatal depression within the first two years after birth. This number is likely to increase when other maternal mental disorders are included.

Postnatal depression does not discriminate based on socioeconomic or cultural background however some mothers are denied immediate and free professional support due to long waitlist.


Suicide is now a leading cause of maternal death in Australia and suicide attempts during and after pregnancy have tripled in the past decade.


Maternal mental health disorders not only harm the health of pregnant and postpartum women but can affect the physical and mental development of the babies. 

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