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​The situation worsened when my second child arrived and she barely slept. I found myself in a dark hole. My health deteriorated and I was hospitalised.


Waiting for test results, I imagined the worst. I told my husband: "If anything happens to me, get over it and find our children a mother, any woman who'll love them."

Then it hit me: I am that woman. Loving them is enough. I AM ENOUGH. Those three words resonated deeply and brought me back to LIFE. I began feeling better; my old self reappeared.

A few months later, I visited Morocco and reconnected with my village. That's when it all clicked - I needed to open a centre for mothers. A place where all mums could feel safe and supported, creating a village of likeminded women who'll transform motherhood so that we, and all future mothers, feel visible, valued and loved.

A legacy to my children and all mothers (and parents) to be.

I'm Dinah Thomasset, Founder of Villagehood Australia, mother of two young children and multiple hat-wearer.

Villagehood Australia was conceived in a Moroccan village. Growing up in Morocco, I was surrounded by an extended village of love and care. Moving to France at age 9, I mourned the loss of my village and have yearned for it ever since.

Becoming a mother in Australia, 18,000km away from my village, was the toughest challenge of my life. The strong, confident woman I had been, disappeared from the moment my first child was born.

Even with the support of my husband and friends, like many mothers, I felt isolated and invisible, adrift in a sea of nappies and sleepless nights.


Moving to Adelaide shortly after, I found even less support. I thought I could handle the move, having travelled widely and made friends all over the world, but I felt lonelier than ever.​​

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