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The Playhood Creche, located in the playroom, is a nurturing, creative and fun environment available to all children of Villagehood Australia from 12 months old to 5 years old (spaces limited).


The Playhood Creche is designed to allow your toddler and preschooler to enjoy sensory activities in Adelaide, to play games or to create something special during a craft session with assistance from our nurturing carers. 

Our experienced carers take great pride in engaging with your toddler and preschooler, helping them explore activities and the play space at the Playhood creche.


With activities specifically tailored to toddlers and preschoolers, your child will have fun exploring and making new friends whilst you take some time for yourself. 

Please note our Playhood Creche is only available for mothers attending our Circle of Security® Parenting™ program (spaces limited)


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For Babies & Toddlers

Because we know how important it is to have a moment to just breathe, especially in those first few years, we are offering a soft play area for babies & toddlers as an alternative to our creche services. We hope to be able to allocate a volunteer to help with the children so you can fully enjoy your class without being distracted.


The soft play equipment is currently located in the main hall at the Fulham Community Centre near the mums activities.  

Babies under 2
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