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Become A Partner

In other to reach our goal and expand our programs across Adelaide, to serve more council areas, we need your support. We can only provide our programs thanks to limited government funding, the generous efforts of volunteers and the support of altruistic people like you. 


We are looking for community minded partners to sponsor our range of programs and events.


Please get in touch with us today should you like to receive more information about our Partnership opportunities.


Thank you in advance for your commitment to supporting the health and wellbeing of mothers.

Since the launch of Villagehood Australia in march 2020 (and with a Global Pandemic) we have recorded more than 900 visits at the Fulham Community Centre (mums & children), had the opportunity to showcase our work on the 7.30 report with Leigh Sales and won two awards as a recognition of the positive impact we make on our community.


This year, we aim to increase our impact by equipping more mothers with the tools they need to navigate more positively through their motherhood journey, by building a strong village of support around them, delivering more bubs-friendly activities, launching new educational programs with motherhood experts and creating meaningful events to bring the community together.

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Our Partners
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